Church Security Team Training

Church Security Team Training

  It's no secret that the threat to everyone, regardless of race or religion is growing. We see division being created in a dozen different ways across society but what is even more alarming is the radicalization occurring simultaneously with the propaganda. In all cases, dehumanizing rhetoric is a mandatory precursor to genocide. Such was the case in Rawanda in 1994, when tell-a-vision (TV) and radio stations began broadcasting dehumanizing statements about a minority group known as the Totsi's. Neighbor was killing neighbor and estimates say that between 500,000 and a million people were killed in just 100 days.

  During 2021 and 2022 in the United States respected news outlets, "news reporters", commentators, celebrities and many others suggested that the unvaccinated shouldn't even be able to buy groceries. Statements were made publicly that literally radicalized large portions of the public who condoned the death of the those who, for various reasons, didn't want to take the vaccine.

 More recently we saw a Christian school in Tennessee attacked by someone of the LBGTQ community. That person responsible for the attack previously attended the school, but not in more than a decade. So, after a more than a decade this person was so incredibly upset that they felt the need to return and kill innocent school children? It doesn't make sense at all until you understand the power of propaganda and how it radicalizes people. Propaganda is a weapon. Believe, that more people will be radicalized, the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

  What we are currently witnessing and living through is undoubtedly the most powerful propaganda campaign ever perpetrated upon the human race. There will be more attacks and the severity of the attacks can be expected to increase. Right now, we're seeing what are termed Lone Wolf attacks. Typically, just one person carrying out an active shooter type attack. But, what happens when more than one radicalized individual comes together to form a group and they choose to plan and carry out an attack together?  In my opinion, this type of attack is due to happen. I'm not fear mongering, in fact I pray you have no fear at all regarding anything and everything. However, a lack of fear will not save you or the congregation from an attack. The information above will hopefully motivate the church security team.


Ideal Firearm for Church Security Teams

 Law enforcement statistics regarding the distance to threat has been widely recognized to be 6 feet or less for years now. Recently, an officer told me that the distance to threat is now likely to be less than 6 feet. Because, church security teams are likely to encounter threats at close distance, that statistic applies. However, many churches are quite large and the distance to threat may easily be 75 feet or more. That fact alone suggests a long gun is preferable, although I'm not suggesting that church security arm themselves with AR15's. But, church security teams should train to defeat close proximity threats and also threats at the max distance to the threat within the church. The max distance to the threat may be reduced by incorporating more security personnel into the equation.

  Most church security teams are presented with the possibility of making long pistol shots. For this reason, micro-concealed carry guns are not ideal. A full size pistol is preferable and the use of a red-dot optic can help tremendously with accuracy.  I recommend sighting in red-dot optics on handguns at 7 yards. That way, rounds impact dead-on at close distances and due to bullet drop/ trajectory rounds fired are also on at 50 yards. I've done this with my Glock 17 and 19.

 Shown (above), two different pistol stocks that church security teams might consider carrying in a small backpack. Within the backpack may also be ballistic plates, additional ammunition and medical gear.

  Church security teams may also be faced with room clearance, or Close Quarters Combat. Many churches are simultaneously running Sunday school during church worship. Imagine, an active shooter gaining entry to that portion of the church? The best way to prevent this is by denying access. Another important consideration is early detection of the threat. It is recommended there are systems in place intended to detect the threat outside the church and before ever gaining entry.


Specific Targets For Specific Types of Training. 

Listed in the Frog Blog are shooting drills for specific targets and specific learning objectives. The targets and shooting drills recommended here are what the author feels are ideal for church security team training.

Moving Sight Picture -


Pistol Warmup -

MS13 - 


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