Personal Bio

Personal Bio

  I devoted 20 years to the US Navy and retired from active service in 2008. I was a member of SEAL Teams Three and Five as well as the Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC) where I did a tour as a SEAL instructor. I taught firearms, tactic's and explosives, on basic and advanced levels to other SEAL team members. 

  After leaving military service I began contracting for the CIA performing a position depicted in the movie 13 Hours In Benghazi. I did this work for 7 years, completing approximately 1000 clandestine operations; In the process, I became relied upon as a tactical operations expert for the country of Afghanistan. In 2014, I was awarded the Agency Seal Medal for my role during a hostile attack on CIA personnel.


  Education: BA Criminal Justice (2012)  American Military University.

  Military Certifications: Range Safety Officer, Instructor, Master Training Specialist, Diving Supervisor, Jump Master.



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