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#EDC Targets

This category of targets is for trainers of concealed handgun courses and those who who take their training seriously.

 Q. How do you know if you take your training seriously?

A. You take your training seriously if you perform everything you do on the range, like you would if you were in a real-world situation. This includes everything from the way you stand, grip the gun, perform mag-changes and draw speed. 

Creating scenarios for your training is important. Your brain does not know the difference between an imagined event and a real event, take nightmares for example.

There is an old adage, we are truly products of the training we conduct. Fight the way you intend to fight, and you'll fight the way you've trained. Your training and mental conditioning will dictate how well you perform under stress. Realistic, 3D targets are essentially training aides that allow you to enhance your training.