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Hostage Target

We are dedicated to providing the most realistic training targets available. When possible, standard sniper dimensions of 6-8 inches across the head and 18-20 inches across the shoulders, are adhered to. This is true of all of our targets, however on most of the Hostage Targets, due to the constraints of the paper size, "sniper dimensions" may be slightly reduced.

The actual dimensions of the target characters may be verified on the range with the use of the faintly depicted ruler printed in the background.

The Importance of Training with HVT

[Training Science] During training, military and law enforcement snipers should mentally imagine they are taking a real shot, during a real hostage situation. Neuroscience has determined that the subconscious brain does not know the difference between actual reality and imagined reality, effectively making the training more realistic.

 The enhanced training described above cannot take place on a bullseye, or other random shaped target. Don't cheat yourself, make your training the best it can be shooting realistic targets.