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Hostage Target

What does it mean to take your training seriously?

Regarding our Hostage Scenario Targets, imagine when your engaging the hostage taker that the hostage is actually your wife, your sister, your daughter, or family member. And imagine, how you'll feel if you shoot the hostage! That's a technique for wringing more value out of your training. Training, is significantly enhanced by mentally imagining a realistic situation. In other words, training is enhanced by pretending that your doing it for real. 

Neuroscientists have determined that the subconscious brain does not know the difference between imagined reality and actual reality. The value and impact of any given training is directly related to how realistic the training experience is.  Additionally, intense experiences that include fear and adrenaline impact the subconscious brain more deeply than experiences that don't.

Simply shooting at geometric shapes, or brown cardboard silhouettes makes it difficult for one to take their training seriously.

Our targets facilitate a realistic training experience by providing training aides, otherwise known as targets, depicting 3D images that enable shooters to more easily imagine real-world scenarios.