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Terrorist_ Prone_ Mag Change

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The character is depicted wearing body armor and in the prone position, offering only the head as a viable aiming point. Two other bullseye aiming points are provided, measuring 6 inches across, with a 1 inch circle in the center.

 This target is perfect for precision shooters, law enforcement and military snipers.  The head measures 7 inches across, falling into the parameters that snipers depend upon.


  • Target size is 21 X 33 inches, sized perfectly for the Shoot House and outdoor shooting stands.
  • 3D shading to provide contrast and depth.
  • Super thick 40-60lb paper, stands up to weather better.
  • A ruler is lightly depicted behind the shoulders to provide perspective for long range precision and other tactical training.
  • Night vision compatible training target.

(Temporarily) we only offer sales of 100 targets, or more.

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