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Role Players

Role Player targets are not intended to be shot, they are intended to bridge the gap between force-on-force and live fire training, allowing trainers to run live fire Scenario Based Training.

Use of Role Player targets allows trainers to add "people" into the live-fire training environment, something that is typically not possible due to safety concerns.

Role Player targets add dimension to the training environment, each target must be assessed as a potential threat, or even a co-worker and treated appropriately.

Role Player targets depict the hands on every target allowing trainee's to reinforce a two-step target discrimination process. 

Role Player targets are also a great addition to force-on-force training. The ultra thick paper shows the hits of Simunition and UTM rounds better than thin, "newspaper" targets, and at half the price of regular force-on-force targets.

Unlike HVT threat targets, Role Player targets have natural skin tone.