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Standard Training Targets

These are the "bread & butter" targets that are used in most of the training courses.

Selected targets in this category come with shooting drills printed at the bottom of the target. The premise behind the training printed on the targets is this (1) its good to change out your target every 100 rounds, for reasons of shot-accountability. (2) Many shooters buy a couple boxes of ammo, 100 rounds, and go to the range once a month. Therefore, the training printed on the targets adds up to 100 rounds +/- a couple of rounds.

  The shooting drills printed on the targets are excerpts taken from the formal training curriculum that was created by "Fern", while running courses under Red Frog Team.

  *Indoor Range Considerations - some of the targets in the STT category contain aiming points that are low on the target. Beware of your background, do not ricochet rounds off the floor, understand where your bullets are going after they go through the paper.  Hang the target at (for example) 3 yards, or 10 feet away, so when you are aiming and shooting at lower portions of the target, the rounds are impacting the bullet trap at the end of the range.

*If shooting outdoors, and posting the target up between two 1x2 sticks of wood, you'll need a cardboard backer.