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13 NOV 21 - Vehicle Positions Course

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Cost: $75 non-refundable deposit to register. $200 cash day of event.

This course is a prerequisite for all vehicle tactics course's.

Training Description: Fern, is transferring skill-sets and knowledge derived from 27 years of combined experience as a Navy SEAL and OGA contractor. During this course we'll employ both rifle and pistol, utilizing numerous positions and weapon manipulation techniques ideally suited for use in, and around a vehicle.  

Scenario Based Training  - methodologies are also included, which significantly enhance training.

  Limited ballistics testing of the vehicle will also be conducted to illustrate vulnerabilities and realistic positions of cover.  Participants should be physically fit and able to stand for long periods of time.  A certain amount of athleticism is expected.

Course Objective - to become proficient at safely shooting and moving around a vehicle, to include engaging from within the vehicle and efficiently exiting the vehicle. Follow on courses will include Actions on Contact, ambush SOP's, tactics, two and three person movement to break contact.

Operator Profile: Low Profile. Body armor/ plate carrier (optional). If a Plate Carrier is worn, wear a cover shirt to conceal gear and equipment. The Operator should be able to sit down in the vehicle with gear and equipment.


Location: Oklahoma City Gun Club. Enter off of Hiawassi road and turn left of the Cowboy Action town area. We'll be on one of the two 50x50 yard ranges. 

Training Date: Saturday, November 13th, 2021.

Start Time: 12:00PM

Course Duration - 5 hours

Dead line for sign-ups: 11:59PM Wednesday, November 10th.

Prerequisites: This is not a new shooter course. Participants must have prior formal training and be at least 21 years of age.


Primary weapon - carbine rifle, 14.5 inch barrel or shorter is recommended

Secondary weapon - (Pistol) with full size grip. No sub-compacts

  • Rifle 250 rounds / Pistol 250 rounds
  • Ammunition– All ammunition must be copper jacketed. No home reloads due to increased safety hazard.
  • Rifle Sling – single point or dual point sling (without padding preferred)
  • Rifle Magazines– 4 minimum.
  • Chest Rig or Plate Carrier - with ability to hold 3 magazines.
  • Pistol Magazines– 3 minimum.  10 round capacity  or greater.
  • Magazine Pouch Pistol – ability to hold 2 extra magazines
  • Holster – with or without retention device. Nylon and drop-leg holsters not recommended. Concealed Carry holster is approved.
  • Clothing – appropriate for the weather forecast. Ball cap (recommended) sunscreen, raingear, jacket as needed.
  • Eye Protection – sunglasses (minimum).
  • Hearing Protection
  • Tactical gloves – (optional)
  • Knee pads - (recommended)
  • Water – bring more than you think you'll need.
  • Food- eat a healthy meal before you arrive.


Low Profile (example) Plate Carrier, gear and equipment can be covered up. A "Go-bag" is not required for this training.


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