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25SEP21 #EDC Every Day Carry

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This is not a new shooter course. 

#EDC prepares the client for threats within 7 yards, or 21 feet. Shooting drills, learning objectives practiced during this course are designed to prepare the client for a variety of threats that might be encountered in public, or at home.  

 Expect a lot of drawing from the holster, long periods of standing, magazine changes and various types of movement. A certain amount of athleticism is expected. Scenario Based Training techniques utilizing advanced training aides will be implemented.

Combatives techniques will be taught during this course and are derived from Close Quarters Defense, a program previously utilized by the SEAL Teams and OGA.

 Cost: $75 to reserve your slot, $150 cash day of event. Please bring exact cash, no checks.

Gear & Equipment:

  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Concealed carry handgun  
  • Concealed Holster - kydex or leather, inside the waistband, or outside. Nylon holsters not recommended. Ensure holster is secure and suitable for numerous repeated holster draws.
  • Three magazines -
  • Magazine pouch, or suitable position to carry at least one spare magazine for an expedited reload. Have 3 magazines total.
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Water
  • Cover shirt – we will be working from concealment. The weapon will be properly covered as it would be in public for each and every holster draw.
  • Ball cap (recommended)
  • Sunscreen


Learning Objectives:

  • Trigger Press
  • Grip
  • Sight picture
  • Stance / Balance
  • Recoil Management
  • Changing Mags on the Move
  • Engaging While Moving
  • Close Protection Techniques
  • Striking
  • Corner Clearing Weapon Manipulation
  • Rapid movement techniques.
  • Situational Awareness
  • Rate of Fire
  • Speed and Accuracy
  • Engaging a moving target
  • Turns to Engage Threat.
  • Danger-Close Distances Engagements
  • Combatives - Hand-Striking, Weapon Striking. 
  • Use of Cover
  • Tac-Reload technique



Oklahoma City Gun Club, entrance off of Hiwassee road. 50X50 yd range. Go left after entering through gate. *No BLM Marxists, or ANTIFA Communists. All lives matter.

Time: 12:00 - 5:00PM Saturday, the 25th of September, 2021.



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