Image Processing Training [e-book]

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  This is an essential book for new shooters and firearms trainers alike. The first chapter is dedicated toward providing essential gun safety and firearms training information directed towards new shooters, who will benefit by implementing next level training concepts sooner, rather than later.

  The author applies more than 20 years of real-world experience as a Navy SEAL in Iraq and Afghanistan to describe the new training paradigm that will significantly shape how tactical training is conducted across civilian, law enforcement and military training.
Image Processing Training discusses what every shooter and firearms trainer should know about how recent studies and breakthroughs that should effect the way military, law enforcement and civilians train to engage lethal threats. New neuroscience breakthroughs and sports psychology are applied toward personal combat. IPT™ describes the progression of tactical training and provides the next logical step in the evolution of tactical training.

(Author) Garrick Fernbaugh, is a well known tactical trainer and former Navy SEAL applying 27 years of Special Operations experience to his studies of neuroscience and human performance. He served 5 years as Navy SEAL instructor and Master Training Specialist and 5 years on the civilian side, training military law enforcement and civilians. Contained within are valuable insights gained through unusual experience to provide you with advanced learning techniques effective in combat.

The information learned during firearms training must be recalled during intense life-threatening moments known scientifically as Acute Stress Response, or F
ight or Flight.

Learn how to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by the physiological
fight or flight response and make it work for you, instead of against you, maximizing your body’s physiological responses.


  1. Is training to shoot center mass obsolete?
  2. What outdated firearms drills are you still performing?
  3. Does the Fight or Flight response make you MORE or LESS effective?
  4. How do hormones effect performance?
  5. Are fine motor skills possible during Fight or Flight and Acute Stress Response?
  6. How fast can we see (something) and respond?
  7. How do we program the subconscious mind to perform gun-fighting skills under extreme stress?


 We are beginning to unlock the massive potential of the magnificent brain. However, despite neuroscience breakthroughs and advanced training techniques firearms training has remained fundamentally unchanged for more than 3 decades. Read about the path to unlocking our abilities ultra performance abilities, sometimes referred to as Flow State and learn how to perform optimally during the Fight or Flight response.