MS13 Drills Target

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  This target encourages cognitive based shooting drills.
  •   Recommendations for training with this target. Training to shoot colors sequences is a good introduction cognitive based shooting drills, which can get rather complex. *See the COA target. A friend, training partner or firearms instructor may  call out a single color indicating to the shooter to engage that particular aiming point. Or, A sequence of colors may called out, such as, Red, White & Blue. It's up to the training partner calling the shots (pun intended) to decide how many rounds are fired into each aiming point. Typically, 1 or 2 is good number. 
  • The command, Threat may be used to indicate the target character (MS13). There are two places to aim, the cerebellum and the heart. "Aim small miss small".



  • Aiming points centralized for indoor range use.
  • For precision rifle, military and law enforcement snipers, the head is 5.5 inches across. Normal human head width is 6-8 inches.
  • Six 3.5 inch color coded  aiming points with lots of edges, ideal for magnified optics.
  • A faintly depicted Threat Elimination Zone™ (TEZ) over the head is 3.5 inches wide, by 3.3 inches high. 
  • Heart, Threat Elimination Zone™ (TEZ) is 2.2 inches wide, by 2.6 inches high.
  • This specialty paper, C1s card-stock will take 3X as many rounds as standard target paper and resist weather, better.  All targets are printed on this paper.
  • The target is 21 X 33 inches long, designed to fit outdoor shooting stands.
  • Background shading enhances contrast & depth adding to realism while reducing reflective light.
  • Well suited for night vision training #nightvisiontarget.

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