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SWAT 45º Right

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Better Training Begins With Better Training Aides.

Targets are sold in quantities of 10, each "add to cart" = 10 targets. *Free Shipping on all targets.



This target character is intended to be a Blue Force character, or role player target. The uniform depicted is not likely to be that of any law enforcement agency in the US, however the gear and equipment are similar.

Trainers can add complexity to live fire training by creating scenarios similar to those used during force-on-force training. During Active Shooter Events and other law enforcement scenarios, there may be multiple responding agencies resulting in the very real and dangerous possibility of a blue-on-blue situation.

  HVT Role Player targets eliminate the Training Scar of running through the Shoot House and simply engaging every target with a gun. Role Player targets add complexity to scenarios, causing shooters to mentally assess more things, which may result in task overload. Task overload is a good thing when its created intentionally during training. Its a bad thing when it happens because shooters weren't trained to a realistic standard.

We are truly products of our training. The enemy thanks you for not putting 100% into you're training.



  • Three, 2.5 inch aiming points.
  • All targets are ideally shaded to create a 3D effect which is conducive to night vision training.
  • The skin color is not gray, like intended "shoot" targets.
  • Super thick 50 lb paper stands up to weather and shows shot groups better.

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