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The Stink Eye 100

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To keep fulfillment costs low we've implemented minimum quantities. Targets are sold in quantities of 20, each "add to cart" = 20 targets. HVT Bundles consist of 4 different targets, 5 of each, for a total of 20.

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This target is designed to not to be intimidating  and ideal for outdoor and indoor shooting ranges. It's all fun and games until somebody shoots an eye out!

*Indoor Range (caution) - engage target within 2-4 yards. Beware of bullet impact area after passing through the target to ensure shots safely impact the bullet trap.

Training Suggestion:

Drill #1 - 3 yards/ 9 feet - Shoot 5 rounds into each shape. Different sizes and shapes change the difficulty and simulate distance. 5 rounds into 20 different shapes =  100 rounds. Score it to assess progress each trip to the range.

Drill #2  - 3 yards / 9 feet - Shoot three rounds into each shape, aiming for each eye and one round on the mouth, or tongue. 20 different shapes + 3 rounds each = 60 rounds.



  • More than 60 possible aiming points, each circle, the eyes and the mouth.
  • Size - 21 X 33 inches long.
  • Super thick paper resists weather and shows shot groups better.

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