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The Stink Eye 100

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Targets are sold in minimum quantities of 10. "Add to Cart" = 10 targets.

This target is ideal for indoor shooting ranges and teaching young adults the fundamentals of firearms training on a target that is fun and challenging to shoot.

This target has more than 60 individual aiming points and includes suggested training.

*Indoor Range (caution) - place the target at 5-12 feet. Ensure all shots fired safely impact the bullet trap. Beware of low aiming points on the target, distance to target, and estimated impact point of shots fired.

Drill #1 Super Easy - 3 yards/ 9 feet - Shoot 5 rounds in each shape. Different sizes and shapes change the difficulty and can simulate distance. Shoot 100 rounds and score it, subtracting one point for each round outside the border of the shape.

Drill #2 Harder - 3 yards / 9 feet - Shoot two rounds in each eye and one round in the mouth, on the tongue, or anywhere on the line indicating the mouth.

The premium quality paper won't blow away when being engaged at close distances at the indoor range, and stands up to weather outdoors, exceptionally well.

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