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The Stink Eye 100

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Better Training Begins with Better Training Aides.

Targets are sold in quantities of 10, each "add to cart" = 10 targets. *Free Shipping on all targets.



This target is designed to not to be intimidating  and ideal for outdoor and indoor shooting ranges. It's all fun and games until somebody shoots an eye out!

*Indoor Range (caution) - engage target within 2-4 yards. Beware of bullet impact area after passing through the target to ensure shots safely impact the bullet trap.

Training Suggestion:

Drill #1 - 3 yards/ 9 feet - Shoot 5 rounds into each shape. Different sizes and shapes change the difficulty and simulate distance. 5 rounds into 20 different shapes =  100 rounds. Score it to assess progress each trip to the range.

Drill #2  - 3 yards / 9 feet - Shoot three rounds into each shape, aiming for each eye and one round on the mouth, or tongue. 20 different shapes + 3 rounds each = 60 rounds.



  • More than 60 possible aiming points, each circle, the eyes and the mouth.
  • Size - 21 X 33 inches long.
  • Super thick paper resists weather and shows shot groups better.

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