Garrick Fernbaugh Personal Bio

Garrick Fernbaugh Personal Bio

  Hello, my name is Garrick Fernbaugh and many know me simply as Fern. I devoted 20 years to the US Navy (1988-2008) and retired from active service in 2008. During that time I was a member of SEAL Teams Three and Five as well as the Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC).  

  After leaving military service I began contracting for the CIA (2008-2015) I was deployed to Afghanistan more than 20 times and performing the duties of the that position, depicted in the movie 13 Hours In Benghazi.  

  After contracting I began providing firearms and tactics training for military, law enforcement and civilians under the company name Red Frog (2015-2020). 

 In 2020, I began designing targets for shooting, better described as training aides that facilitate learning objectives not able to be accomplished on standard targets. The targets were created as a response to a hole in the market, as I was not finding the targets I felt I needed to enhance my own training. As a result, I created High Value Target LLC and developed a process for creating 3D targets, as well as other types of targets to accomplish specific learning objectives.


  Education: BA Criminal Justice (2012)  American Military University. Minor, Terrorism/Counter Terrorism

  (Applicable) Certifications: Special Warfare Operator (5326) Range Safety Officer w/numerous range designations, US Navy Instructor (9502, Master Training Specialist.

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