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(105) Hostages & Edged Weapons(105) Hostages & Edged Weapons
(105) Rifle Training Targets(105) Rifle Training Targets
(105) Shooting Drills(105) Shooting Drills
(105) Shooting Drills Sale price$252.00
(20) Edged Weapons(20) Edged Weapons
(20) Edged Weapons Sale price$59.40
(20) Hostage Scenario(20) Hostage Scenario
(20) Hostage Scenario Sale price$59.40
(20) Shooting Drills(20) Shooting Drills
(20) Shooting Drills Sale price$59.40
(20) TERRORISTS Sale price$59.40
(5) Cardboard Backers 21X33 inches
CO High Port
CO High Port Sale price$29.70
CO High Ready
CO High Ready Sale price$29.70
COMMANDO Sale price$29.70
Commando Kneel_Front
Commando Kneel_Front Sale price$29.70
This is a high contrast target ideal for use with night vision devices. The threat is depicted shouldered up and pointing an AK47 towards the shooter.
Don Kit Sale price$29.70
FOUR Sale price$29.70
FOUR 3D Sale price$29.70
Full Kit_AK74 suppressedFull Kit_AK74 suppressed
Full Kit_AK74 suppressed Sale price$29.70
Hostage Target - 001
Hostage Target - 001 Sale price$29.70
Hostage Target_003
Hostage Target_003 Sale price$29.70
Hostage Target_004
Hostage Target_004 Sale price$29.70
Sold out
Hostage Training Target
Hostage Training Target Sale price$29.70
Image Processing Training [e-book]
Moving Sight Picture
Moving Sight Picture Sale price$29.70
MS13 90º LeftMS13 90º Left
MS13 90º Left Sale price$29.70
MS13 w/LEO
MS13 w/LEO Sale price$29.70

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