This target is a best-seller and has been revised and improved multiple times. This workhorse is ideal for all rifle, pistol and precision rifle training. It's also intentionally well suited for sighting in magnified optics and red-dot optics due to the shades of grey and 1 inch squares. Four squares separate the four targets which create a central aiming point at the center of the target, perfect for rifles that have not been previously sighted-in.



 (Above) Chris Harris w/Praetorian tactical fired this group from his AR-15 at 100 yds. The 1 inch squares at the corner of each target are ideal for testing shot groups, there are 8 one-inch squares in all. The 4 larger targets depicted are also ideal for precision rifle and are half the size of the full-size IPSC target.  The inside "A-zone" box is just 2.5 inches across. Many times during our training we put up a full size target and use very little of the paper space. This target makes use of virtually all the paper space available.


Drill #1 - Two rounds, on 4 targets. Shot timer recommended.  Primary learning objectives for this drill are 1) engaging a moving target and 2) engaging multiple targets. This drill can be run with a rifle or pistol, from the holster or other position.  Recommended Distance -  3-10 yds.

Load, one magazine with 8 rounds. On command, fire 2 rounds into each target. Tip: Eyes lead, muzzle follows. When a shooter learns to do this correctly, all 4 targets can be accurately engaged in about 2.5 seconds. When a shooter is moving the eyes correctly it's audibly different. For one, it's usually faster, but its also smoother and a cadence can be detected, like that of a metronome. A smooth cadence is one of the keys to shooting fast. Start out with a slow cadence and as you progress, then speed up it up. It's best if you have a shot timer to accomplish this.


Drill #2 - Mag change drill. Shot timer recommended. Load: 2 magazines w/4 rounds. On the timer FIRE 2 rounds into each of the 4 targets. A mag change will be required after engaging 2 targets. A good time is under 6 seconds.

Drill #3 - Sequences. On command, engage the prescribed sequence, such as, 1 - 4 - 2, with the appropriate number of rounds per target. Incorporate turns and different positions to change things up. You can make this drill more difficult by changing the number of rounds fired on each target advancing incrementally after engaging each target. For example, when engaging the sequence 2 - 3 - 1, the shooter fires 1 round into target 2, 2 rounds into target 3 and 3 rounds into target 1. This teaches thinking and shooting, which is a crucial skill set to have when "thinking your way through a gunfight."

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