Targets from HVT are intended for precision rifle shooters.

  Currently, in military Special Operations units the new buzz word is, Near Peer Threat. This refers to enemy combatants that are geared up and equipped similarly to US SOF. They are wearing ballistic plate carriers, weapons w/optics and sometimes even wearing helmets. *The target pictured above (Tango_Kneeling) is of a Near Peer Threat.

  Because, this target has multiple uses, to include the Shoot House, and the Flat Range, additional aiming points are reduced in contrast so they don't distract shooter while training to clear rooms during Close Quarters Combat. You'll notice 4 additional aiming points which may be used for a variety of different shooting drills, or to simply confirm zero.

  A scaled number line is depicted so snipers and trainers may quickly verify the dimensions of the head and shoulders on the target. Typically, military snipers depend upon the target being 18-22 inches from shoulder to shoulder, and 6-8 inches across the head. The shooter, or the trainer can easily examine the target to see that the image depicted meets specs.

  Targets from HVT meet military sniper dimensions, or are very close. These dimensions are not only important for precision shooters, but also important during CQC training.

The target pictured above (Tango Kneeling) is a particularly difficult target that represents new and emerging threats. The torso is covered by a kevlar vest w/ballistic plates and the gun itself. The Tango is also wearing a ballistic helmet, the shooter may choose to go for a pelvic girdle shot, or a head shot. A 2.5 inch zone is faintly depicted over the head, rounds that impact within this zone will disrupt the cerebellum of the brain, causing a no-twitch drop.

  The sport and science of precision shooting has evolved tremendously in the last 20 years. Shooters are using ballistic computers, which may even account for the rotation of the earth, in addition to numerous other details that effect bullet impact. It wasn't long ago to hear shooters bragging of hitting a man-size silhouette target at a 1000 yds. These days shots like those are not as impressive, however it's doubtful that most snipers are shooting at a realistic targets. The threats we engage are no longer running around in black pajamas like the Vietcong, they are in fact, getting geared up just like US troops.

  Body armor is produced and sold everyday, in China, the United States and all over the world. So, every day that goes by, is another day that (statistically) a shot fired center mass will be deflected. Taking a shot on the body of anything, an animal, or a human is different than shooting at shapes for shot groups, just ask any hunter. The nature of the threat has changed, but most of the training targets we're engaging have not.





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