How many time have you heard someone say, I can hit a man at a 1000 yards? Whatever the incredible distance happens to be, the question is can the shooter deliver a lethal shot, period. The target character below is depicted wearing a ballistic plate carrier, a shot delivered center-mass is not likely to be lethal unless armor piercing ammunition is used, or the caliber is extraordinarily large.

A Near Peer Threat refers to enemy combatants that are geared up and equipped similarly to US Special Operations Forces (SOF). Enemies of the United States are gearing up with ballistic plate carriers, weapons w/optics and helmets. President Biden violated ITAR when he left all of the aforementioned equipment behind in Afghanistan during the pull-out of American troops.

  Targets from HVT strive to meet military sniper dimensions which are 6-8 inches across the head and 18-21 inches across the chest. These dimensions are not only important for precision shooters, but also important during CQC training in the shoot house. Most, if not all other targets that feature a full color image are two wide to be used on most outdoor shooting stands. Part of the training science is learning to shoot a target like the one above on the standard range and then moving it to the Shoot House, or for use in a tactical sniper scenario.

  Because, this target has multiple uses which includes the Shoot House and the Flat Range additional aiming points are included to check zero or practice mechanical offset before engaging the target image.

 Better training can be summarized as more realistic training. Many, military and law enforcement snipers spend the majority of their time shooting brilliantly colored shapes, circles, square and triangles. The fact is the shooter is not learning how to shoot human anatomy posed in different positions while depicted holding various types of weapons.

 How long does the the military or law enforcement sniper have to take the shot? Obviously, the situation dictates and the time is unknown, therefore we should always train for "worst case scenario" in which the sniper has a very limited amount of time. The sniper must be able to "see where to shoot", which is a major learning objective consistent on most of the targets designed at HVT. The learning objective "see where to shoot" is consistent with the training paradigm developed by Fern, which is referred to as Image Processing Training.

  Tactical training is a science that incorporates sport psychology and neuroscience, much of which is related to literally programming ourselves like a computer to respond in the manner in which we have trained ourselves. More often than not we are truly products of our training.






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