20 Edged Weapons

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Four targets, 5 of each - 20 qty total.




1.  MS13 w/Meat Cleaver 

2.  MS13 w/LEO 

3.  Thug Knife 90º Right 

4.  Thug Knife Front 


All targets Feature:

  • Background shading reduces glare outdoors, enhances contrast & depth, and is compatible with night vision devices.
  • Super thick paper resists weather and show’s shot groups better; Also, ideally suited for Airsoft, UTM, and Simunition training.
  • Size - 21 X 33 inches long, suitable for the Shoot House and most outdoor target stands.

1. SM13 w/ Suit Description:

 There is a psychological aspect to many of our targets. The target character is often based on a real and relevant threat. Shooting at a shape, like a circle, is not the same as shooting at the image of a deadly threat. Painstaking details have been included on this target because quality of the training increases with a realistic image. 


  • Threat Elimination Zone (Head) - 3.5 inch zone.
  • Threat Elimination Zone (Heart) - 3.5 inch zone.

2. MS13 w/ LEO Description:

 This is a scenario based training target for law enforcement and civilian training, intended to instill shooter confidence when background cannot be clear.  In this scenario the gang member is seen throwing a "sign" to other gang members indicating that he is about to attack and kill the distracted police officer in the background. You arrive on scene and understand what is about to occur and decide that lethal force is justified to save the police officer. A round fired into the threat may go through the body an potentially impact the police officer. To counter the bullet trajectory you take a step right changing the angle of engagement, thereby creating a safer shot fired. *Fundamental Safety Rule #4 - always beware of your backstop and what is beyond. Range rules also apply off the range.


  • Two 3 inches circles are faintly depicted on the back of the head and the torso indicating ideal shot placement location.

3. Thug_knife 90º Right Description:

 Threats in the real-world present themselves at various angles, therefore this target character is depicted bladed, encouraging the shooter to think in a 3 dimensional space and about how the round will travel through the body. How many grains of lead are in your bullets? How many grains of steel are in a large bowie knife?  People don't always die immediately like they do in the movies. In a situation like this you, the shooter better make sure you eliminate the threat quickly, hopefully with the first shot. As always, one well placed shot is all that's required to eliminate threat. Law enforcement and those carrying concealed should train to eliminate a knife-threat.

4.  Thug Knife Front Description:

  Most experts recognize a close knife threat as being more dangerous than a gun, especially true when the knife is large bowie. Most HVT target characters have two faintly depicted zones over the heart and the head, which are not easily seen from 6 feet away. When there are no lines on the target the shooter is forced to think about anatomy. There are two places to shoot and both are approximately the size of your fist, the heart and the cerebellum of the brain. When you're at the range training are you thinking about anatomy? There is a reason cops and military are pumping so many rounds into people and it's a reflection of their training. One shot one kill shouldn't just be a sniper thing, it can apply to all scenarios. There is a phrase often used on the range, you can't miss fast enough. That said, intend for your first shot to drop the threat without a twitch but continue to maintain sight picture and press trigger until you are 100% certain the threat has been eliminated.