50 Civilian Threats

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 10 different targets, 5 of each for a total of 50 great targets.

1) Anarchy_Pistol grip Description - This versatile target is good for use in the shoot house, CQC, law enforcement and home defense related training.  Our target characters do not have lines like traditional targets. Instead, we feature a Threat Elimination Zone (TEZ™) faintly depicted over the heart or the cerebellum of the brain.


  • The head is 5 inches across
  •  Threat Elimination Zone (TEZ™) is 3 inches in diameter over the cerebellum of the brain.
  • Target size - 21 X 33 inches long, fits most outdoor shooting stands.
  • 3D shading enhances contrast & depth, reduces glare and is ideally suited for night vision devices.
  • Thick C1s card-stock paper lasts 3x as long as normal paper targets. Additionally, this paper stands up to weather and show's shot groups better.

2) ANTIFA target Description - Targets should represent the threat. Domestic terrorists such as ANTIFA were responsible for more than a billion dollars in damage to multiple cities in 2020, causing many businesses to be boarded up and shut down. In addition to the economic terrorism they waged upon middle class businesses from 2020-2021, these communist ideologues still carry out environmental to this day, virtually unimpeded by the US DoJ. The ANTIFA target character is depicted wearing body armor and a helmet while holding a sawed-off shotgun.

3) Crip 45º Left Description - This target challenges shooters to place rounds effectively on target with varied body position and bulky clothing which makes identifying the location of the heart difficult. Therefore, the shooter trained in Image Processing will focus the sight picture upon the head, using facial features as reference points to ultimately penetrate the cerebellum of the brain.

4) Gray Shirt Pistol Draw Description - This target is ideal for law enforcement, home defense and concealed carry training.

Features Two 3 inch circles referred to as Threat Elimination Zones are faintly depicted over the heart and the cerebellum of the brain.

5) Hostage Target 001 Description -This target presents a difficult shot because very little of the hostage takers head is visible and the bullet trajectory will go past the hostages head first, before striking the hostage taker. Always train for a worst cast scenario, this target will allow the shooter to understand his/her own capabilities and build confidence to make the shot when needed.

  • 5 inch width across shooters head
  • The Threat Elimination Zone™ is faintly depicted over the nerve center of the brain and shown as 3 inch circle.

6) MS13 Moving Left Description - The target character is depicted in motion allowing the brain to familiarize itself with varied body positions. Through time and repetition we train ourselves to immediately see where to shoot.

  • The head is 7 inches across and the shoulders present 14 visible inches to the shooter.
  • Two additional 1 inch aiming points to confirm zero.

*A digital download is available for this target, a resource for suggested shooting drills while on the range.

7) MS13 w/ Suit Description - Targets that represent the threat. There is a psychological aspect to many of our targets. Shooting at a shape, like a circle, is not the same as shooting at the image of a deadly threat. Painstaking details have been included on this target because quality of the training increases with a realistic image. 

  • Threat Elimination Zone (Head) - 3.5 inch zone.
  • Threat Elimination Zone (Heart) - 3.5 inch zone.


8) MS13 w/ LEO Description - This is a Scenario Based Training™ target for law enforcement and civilian training, intended to instill shooter confidence when background cannot be clear.  In this scenario the gang member is seen throwing a "sign" to other gang members indicating that he is about to attack and kill the distracted police officer in the background. You arrive on scene and understand what is about to occur and decide that lethal force is justified to save the police officer. A round fired into the threat may go through the body an potentially impact the police officer. To counter the bullet trajectory you take a step right changing the angle of engagement, thereby creating a safer shot fired. *Fundamental Safety Rule #4 - always beware of your backstop and what is beyond. Range rules also apply off the range.

9) THUG_Front_Knife Description - Most experts recognize that a close knife threat is more dangerous than a gun, especially true when it's a large Bowie knife. Our targets should represent the threats we are training to defeat. As such, HVT portrays faintly depicted zones instead of lines on the target, because real people don't have lines painted on them. Most, HVT target characters have two faintly depicted zones over the heart and the head, referred to as Threat Elimination Zones. The TEZ is not easily seen from 6 feet away causing the shooter to think about anatomy instead of lines. There are two locations to aim and both are approximately the size of your fist, the heart and the cerebellum of the brain. Repetitiously, training on targets that cause the shooter to see the optimal location to place rounds is next-level training.

10) THUG_90º Right Description - Threats in the real-world present themselves at various angles, for example numerous law enforcement officers at the same scene all hold different perspectives of the potential threat. There are two places to aim, the heart and the cerebellum of the brain. This target character is depicted bladed, encouraging the shooter to think in a 3 dimensional space and about how to penetrate one of those two locations.