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99 Rd Handgun Training Target

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Shipping costs have gone up, in an effort to keep fulfillment costs low, we've implemented minimum quantities. Targets are now sold in quantities of 20, each "add to cart" = 20 targets.

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 *Shooting drills for this particular target are listed in the Frog Blog.


This target is intended to provide shooters with the confidence to make a hostage scenario shot if the situation demands it. This target should be the first target that shooters engage with every trip to the range. Fire the first 5 rounds into the hostage taker, then follow the suggested shooting drills printed on the target. Finish up by firing the last 5 rounds into the hostage taker. Score the target to assess you're progress each trip to the range.


  • Eleven different aiming points, including 10, three inch circles.
  • Suggested shooting drills printed below each circle.
  • 3D shading enhances contrast & depth, reduces glare and is ideally suited for night vision devices.
  • Super thick paper resists weather and show’s shot groups better; Also, ideally suited for Airsoft, UTM, and Simunition training.
  • Size - 21 X 33 inches long, suitable for the Shoot House and most outdoor target stands.

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