CO High Ready

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*Upon purchase you'll be notified of a digital download. This target includes a free overlay available in .PNG and .PDF format. Print using "borderlesss print settings on 8.5 x 11 inch paper, or just trim the edges. 


This target was designed primarily for government and law enforcement agencies to be used in the Shoot House as Shoot/ No-Shoot target. The target character can be treated as friendly (no shoot) or a hostile threat, your choice. The badge overlay plays to undercover and plain-clothes scenario's. 



  • Body and head dimensions meet military sniper and CQC target specs. Head is 6 inches across, shoulders are 14 inches (visible).
  • Gray skin is intended to be racially neutral, not indicating any particular race.
  • This specialty paper, C1s card-stock will take 3X as many rounds as standard target paper and resist weather, better.  All targets are printed on this paper.
  • Background shading enhances contrast & depth adding to realism while reducing reflective light.
  • Target size is 21 X 33 inches, suitable for outdoor shooting stands and CQC.
  • This target is not optimized for indoor range use, as the aiming points are not centralized.