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The target FOUR 3D is perfect for repetitive drills on the range, firearms instructors are going to love this target. While conducting training, instructors may call out colors, shapes, animals and numbers. These types of drills are excellent for teaching a person to think while pressing the trigger. US Army Special Forces (Green Berets)  emphasize this type of training, which incorporates complex shooting drills forcing a person to think, calculate and assess the target as quickly as possible.

  An example might be a drill in which the shooters are facing up range from the targets. Upon command, the shooters are required to spin around 180º and engage the targets. A few examples of the commands are given below:

• Dog / Cat / Fish / Bird (engage those targets in that order)

• One plus three = (engage target 4)

• Diamond / Triangle / Square Circle (engage those targets in that order)

• 1 / 4 / 3 / 2  (engage those targets in that order)

• Four minus three = (engage target 1)

• Three minus Two - (engage target 1)

In recent years neuroscientists and sports physiologists have learned much about how we perform under the extreme rigors and stress of combat. Shooting is a sport just like every other sport and there is a definite training science behind optimal performance in combat. Every target demonstrates how HVT is dedicated to developing advanced combat training aides.


• 16 different aiming points dispersed across 4 different targets.

• 8 grid squares located at the corner of each target are ideally shaded for sighting in Red Dot optics and confirming zero.

• Super thick 40-60lb paper show shot groups and stands up to weather better.


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