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Moving Sight Picture

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  Our most popular target, there is two different versions of this target, "Spiral w/Training has suggested shooting drills printed on the target. "Moving Sight picture is a clean target ideal for advanced shooters.

Recommended distance is 6 - 15 feet. Shooters will find 15 different aiming points on this target, efficiently using the entire target space. 

 Advanced shooters engage the target in a technique referred to as "driving the gun" simulating a moving a threat.

This is an extremely versatile target that works great for magazine change drills, or simply engaging all 15 targets as quickly as possible.

 *Get the most out of this target by incorporating the use of a shot timer into your training.

Suggested Shooting Drills

Drill #1  Grouping Exercise - Engage each shape in numerical order (15 shapes). Repeat 7 times, for a total of 105 rounds fired, 105 points possible. Score it, subtract 1 point for each round outside the lines. Note, your distance and score on the target. Next time at the range, compare your results. *Compete against a friend.

Drill #2  Emergency Reload Drill - Load 3 magazines with 5 rounds each. Insert two magazines into your mag pouch and load one in the gun. Shoot shapes 1 - 5 (reload) Shoot Shapes 6 - 10 (reload) Shoot shapes 11 - 15 (reset). Repeat 7 times for a total of 105 rounds. Use a shot timer to determine how fast you can perform the drill while still maintaining accuracy.

Drill #3 Tac-Reload Drill - Load 3 magazines with 10 rounds in each. Insert two magazine into your mag pouch and load one in the gun. Shoot shapes 1 - 5 (Tac-Reload) Shapes 6 - 10 (Tac-Reload) Shapes 11 - 15 (Tac-Reload); Continue engaging in numerical order until all 30 rounds are expended and while performing Tac-Reloads every 5 rounds. Emergency reloads will also need to be performed as required.

Target Dimensions: 21X33 inches, including a 3 inch gap at the top of the target for attaching clips for hanging.

Targets are sold in minimum quantities of 10. "Add to Cart" = 10 targets.

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