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Case Officer (CO)

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This target allows for shooters to perform a realistic target ID process, followed up by a decision to shoot, or not shoot. It t is intended for use in the Shoot House and during scenarios in which, Blue-on-Blue situations are intentionally created as part of the training process.  

  This target is designed to be a No-Shoot target for various government agencies and elite military units. However, it maybe incorporated into training situations in an infinite number of ways. As always, we like to encourage creative training design.

  Non-lethal munitions training - The target paper is super-thick, 60lb paper, that stands up well to man-marker rounds and other non-lethal munitions.

  Live Fire Training - use of this target during live fire training allows trainers to create realistic scenarios similar to those run during force-on-force training.  Force-on-training may be among the most realistic training available, however it isn't perfect. Often, the weapons issued for force-on-force training do not resemble the weapons we actually carry. Training weapons for force-on-force may be missing optics, or they may be different optics, it might have a light, it might not, it might have a laser, it might not. The point is, Scenario Based Training targets allow the trainers to create scenarios similar to the training scenarios created during for force-on-force, with one big exception, the shooters can run the actual guns they would be carrying.

Cost Savings - force-on-force non-lethal munitions are more expensive than live fire ammunition. Often, non-lethal munitions ammunition availability is also an issue. Accomplish the same training objectives currently listed, by running more live fire training and less non-lethal training, with Scenario Based Training targets.


  • Target size is 21 X 33 inches.


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