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Case Officer (CO)

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Targets are sold in minimum quantities of 10. "Add to Cart" = 10 targets.


  This target is designed to be a Shoot, or No-Shoot target for various government agencies, elite military and law enforcement units. 

  Non-lethal munitions training - The target paper is super-thick, 60lb paper, that stands up well to man-marker rounds and other non-lethal munitions.

  Live Fire Training - use of this target during live fire training allows trainers to create realistic scenarios similar to those run during force-on-force training. Force-on-Force training weapons are often not set up in the same manner as the actual weapons often missing lights, lasers and optics used on the actual carry weapons. HVT Scenario Based Training targets allow the trainers to create scenarios similar to the training scenarios created during for force-on-force, allowing the shooters to shoot live ammunition with the actual guns they will be carrying.

Cost Savings - force-on-force non-lethal munitions are normally more expensive than live fire ammunition and may be subject to limited availability. Accomplish realistic training objectives at a lower cost by running live fire training with Scenario Based Training targets.

• Super thick 40-60lb paper show shot groups and stands up to weather better.


  • Target size is 21 X 33 inches.

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