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SM13 w/LEO

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This is a scenario based training target that law enforcement officers and civilians will benefit from. Sometimes, in real world situation we may forced to take a shot (now) to save a life. In this target scenario the Officer is distracted and not aware of the nearby gang member with a machete. Whether you're another Officer who just arrived on scene, or a legally carrying civilian, you understand that the gang member is about to charge the police officer with the machete. You decide to take action.

Suggested shooting drill - at a distance of 3-5 yards, step right to clear the background while simultaneously drawing from the holster to engage the threat.

There are 4 versions of this target character 90º Left_Meat Cleaver, Oblique Right w/LEO, 90º Front Facing w/HK45 and Moving_Left.

*Targets are sold in quantities of 10, "add to cart" = 10 targets.

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