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Targets are sold in minimum quantities of 10. "Add to Cart" = 10 targets.

This is a versatile rifle target that works well for precision rifle shooters, as well as tactical shooters on a standard range.


  • 7 Aiming Points
  • Threat Elimination Zone faintly depicted over the head of each terrorist.
  • 21 inches wide X 33 inches long (fits most outdoor target stands).
  • Premium target paper, 40-60 lb.

The Ladder Drill:

 V1- Distance 25 yds / Engage - Two rds standing, two rounds kneeling, two rounds prone. Repeat, until one 30 round magazine is expended. Score it. 30 total points possible. Subtract 1 point for every round outside the Threat Elimination Zones.

V2 - Distance 25 yds / Load 3 magazines with 20 rds each. / From the standing position engage the standing terrorist and circles 1 & 2, with 1 round (3 rds total). From the Kneeling position, engage the kneeling terrorist and circles 1 & 2 with 1 round. From the prone position, engage the prone terrorist and circles 1 & 2 with 1 round. Change magazines as necessary until 60 rounds have been expended.  *Use a shot timer to keep track of time. Score it, subtracting 1 point for every round outside the circles and Threat Elimination Zones. Divide the total seconds to complete by number of points. Example:  120 seconds to complete ÷ 50 hit points = 2.4 (Scoring method balances speed and accuracy) Highest score factor wins.

    Primary Learning Objectives:

    • Getting into various positions quickly.
    • Taking aimed shots while managing breathing and heart rate.
    • Changing magazines efficiently.

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