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The Ladder Drill

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This is a versatile rifle target that works well for precision rifle shooters, as well as tactical shooters on a standard range. *100 targets.


  • 3 Terrorist Targets
  • Two 3.5 inch alternative aiming points.
  • 5 aiming points.
  • 21 inches wide X 33 inches long (fits most outdoor target stands).

The Ladder Drill: Best conducted with the use of a shot timer. Begin, engage the head of standing terrorist while standing with two rounds. Engage, the head of the kneeling terrorist from the kneeling position with two rounds. Engage the head of the prone terrorist from the prone position with two rounds. Move to standing and repeat until 30 rounds are expended. Score it, look for the faintly depicted circles on the head. Use a shot timer to keep track of time.

  • (not included) 1 - 30 round magazine
  • Recommended distance - 10 to 25 yards (on an outdoor range)
  • Fire two rounds standing
  • Fire two rounds kneeling
  • Fire two rounds prone

Primary Learning Objectives:

  • Getting into various positions quickly.
  • Managing breathing while heart rate is up and while taking aimed shots.

* Alternative aiming points allow for warming up, sighting in, or other creative shooting drills.

Temporarily, this target is offered in quantities of 100, or more.

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