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  Subconsciously, the image you're shooting at is important. Shooters may substantially add training value by imaging a real person. Neuroscientists have determined that when we imagine an a situation, subconsciously we don't know the difference between an imagined event and the real thing. Therefore, creating as much realism as possible in the targets we shoot is an important aspect of high quality training. HVT target characters are developed to "look the part".

There are two versions of this target character, "Thug_Front_knife" and "Thug_90º Right. 

This Scenario Based Training target is ideal for concealed carry and law enforcement training.

  • Measurements:
  • Target size is 21 X 33 inches.
  • 6 inches across the head.
  • 16 inches shoulder to shoulder.


  • 3.5 inch Threat Elimination Zone™ is faintly depicted over the nerve center of the brain and the heart.
  • Shading that reduces sun glare and enhances the 3D environment, while also providing optimal contrast for use with visible white lights and night optical devices (NODs).
  • A ruler shown in inches is faintly depicted behind the shoulders to provide perspective for long range precision and other tactical training.

 Targets are sold in quantities of 10. "Add to Cart" = 10 targets.

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