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Targets are sold in quantities of 10, each "add to cart" = 10 targets.


Targets are training aides and this training aide is specifically designed for training transitions from rifle to pistol. 

 Transitions from rifle to pistol are performed when actively engaged in a gunfight at close distances and when cover is not available. Many SOF trainers recommend performing a transition when the distance to threat is within 25 yards, or 75 feet; situation and circumstances dictating. 

   This target represents a worst case scenario because the shooters opponent (the target character) is fully kitted out with helmet and plate carrier. There are two faintly depicted zones on the target character which are referred to as Threat Elimination Zones (TEZ™). The TEZ™ is depicted on most of our targets and encourages the shooter to aim for the either the heart or the cerebellum of the brain.

How to use this target:

Example Drill - load 4 rifle magazines with 2- 6 rounds, never loading the same number of rounds into more than one magazine. Load 3 pistol magazines to capacity. Choose a starting position, for example the Low Ready. On command the shooter will come up from the Low Ready and engage the top target with two rounds. Return to the Low Ready and repeat. When the weapon goes dry, malfunctions or fails to fire for any reason perform an immediate transition to pistol and engage the lower target with two rounds from the pistol. The objective is to place rounds effectively on target and within the TEZ™. 

Most units have a prescribed process for getting the rifle back online after a transition. Often, that process is preceded with a verbal request, such as, "COVER". A teammate responds with "COVERING" or similar terminology. When the shooter who requested cover is back online inform the person covering with a response, such as "UP". This is a great drill for two or more people to do together.

The recommended distance to set this target is 3 to 10 yards. When all rifle magazines have been expended reload and reset.



  • All targets printed exclusively on C1s card-stock paper allowing for 3x as many rounds before the target is changed out. This paper significantly increases longevity, resists weather and show's shot groups better than standard targets.
  • The Threat Elimination Zone™ is faintly depicted over the nerve center of the brain and is roughly 2 inches in diameter.
  • Two additional aiming points are provided near the top of the target for confirming zero or mechanical hold-over when using a red-dot optic.
  • Size - 21 X 33 inches long, suitable for outdoor shooting stands.
  • 3D shading enhances contrast & depth, reduces glare and is ideally suited for night vision devices.
  • Also, ideally suited for Airsoft, UTM, and Simunition training.