CQC Target Duo

CQC Target Duo

These two targets are designed to work in conjunction with each other and intended to establish and reinforce target discrimination skills.

How Does It Work?

If you've ever done a bunch of repetitive runs in the Shoot House you understand that after a few runs you've learned all the targets. For example, you come charging into a room and see the same target you've already shot a bunch of times and you shoot it again without even looking at the hands.

Firearms and tactics instructors may use these targets a couple of different ways.

1) Place the threat target, the one with the guy drawing his pistol into multiple rooms and let the shooters become accustomed to seeing and shooting the threat target. Then, after a few runs replace the threat target with the non-threat target, if the shooters are getting mentally lazy and not checking the hands they will shoot the non-threat target.

The second way to use these targets would be to use them both at the same time. For example, there are 10 rooms in the Shoot House, place 5 of the threat targets and 5 of the non-threat targets throughout the Shoot House. Then, after a few runs move the targets around so the shooters don't get accustomed to seeing the same target in the same room. Keep 'em guessing.

Many of the targets out there do not depict the hands at all and that's a problem because shooters are not practicing target discrimination during live fire training. If your officers, soldiers or students are not practicing target discrimination skills during live fire when are they are getting that training?

With these targets police and military trainers can include "target discrimination" to their training and assign the appropriate number of hours to that specific type of training. Which, obviously can be helpful if a person ends up in court defending themselves.

Many instructors will choose to use the threat target on the standard flat-range, as it's also a great stand-alone target.

Incorporate paper targets to your non-lethal weapons training.

Running short on role-players? Instructors may significantly enhance non-lethal training by adding paper targets to the scenarios. Have you ever shot those thin newspaper targets with air-soft, Simunition or UTM round? It just rips a whole in the paper and you really can't see where the shot even hit. After a few more shots the target is so ripped to shreds it's useless and you might as well tear it down.

We use C1s card-stock paper for our threat targets, which works great with non-lethal training weapons. It also has a special coating allowing the paper to stand up to weather and obviously, shows shot groups really well, too.

Full size overlay

The non-threat target is essentially a full size overlay, the two target characters are presented in nearly identical positions, minus a weapon in the hands of one. The non-threat target get shot, but it's not intended to be shot. So, its printed on thinner, yet good quality paper. The cost savings is passed on to our customers.

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